Many factors can trigger hearing loss; we are able to perform a thorough evaluation to help determine the cause and find the right hearing aid for you.


We offer a wide range of advanced, non-invasive hearing tests to properly identify the extent of your hearing loss.


From a custom hearing aid to surgical implants in extreme cases, most hearing issues can be treated with the proper care.


Once your hearing has been restored; we provide the support you need to maintain your hearing aid for life.

If you wish to talk to a doctor of audiology call 432.332.8244


As audiologists, we dedicate ourselves to identifying and treating individuals with auditory processing disorders, hearing problems and other difficulties associated with hearing. Hearing disorders can affect people at any stage of their life as a result of trauma at birth, viral infections, genetic disorders, and exposure to loud noise, medications or aging, among other instances. Advance Hearing Care’s treatment programs help patients conquer auditory distress by providing the most advanced evaluation and examination methods available followed by the proper diagnostic recommendation which could include canal cleaning, hearing aid fitting and programming, therapy or surgery. Our purpose is to maximize our patient’s ability to hear and communicate in his or her environment for a better life.

What we do

We provide advanced hearing care for children and adults with a "connected to you" mentality. We have been here and we will be here for you. If it's tuning your hearing aid, purchasing a hearing aid or providing you with information and support we have it covered with our professional staff.

  • Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Auditory Perceptual Evaluation
  • Sound Field Testing
  • STAP Applications and Telephones Available
  • Adult/Child Medicaid Accepted (Audiology)
  • Self-Pay Accepted
  • Hearing Aid Batteries/supplies
  • Dr. Lourdez D. Zamora-Fierro, AUD/CCC-A/FAAA

    Doctor of Audiology, Master of Arts/Audiology, Member of the Texas Academy of Audiology

    432-332-8244, ext. 326
We are here for you

Here at the Advanced Hearing center we accept most insurances, and file on behalf of the patient. We are a preferred provider, Health Smart, HMO Blue, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Group Resources and PBHN. In addition, we accept Medicaid, Medicare, DARS (TRC), Workers' Compensation, and most major credit cards.

Advanced Hearing Center is part of the Permian Basin Rehab Center.

As a non-profit organization, the PBRC offers an Assistance Program and social worker services to help insure that no one is turned away based on ability to pay or limited access to transportation. Assistance is made possible through private donations and a variety of creative fundraising efforts throughout the year.

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